Igor Letina

I am an Associate Professor at the University of Bern and a Research Affiliate at CEPR.

My research focuses on applied microeconomic theory, in particular the questions related to competition policy, economics of innovation and contest design.

I maintain a list of conferences (with a focus on IO and theory), including submission deadlines and links. If you know of a conference that I should include, please send me an e-mail.

Email: igor.letina@unibe.ch

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Working papers


  1. Optimal Contest Design: Tuning the Heat
    - with Shuo Liu and Nick Netzer
    - Journal of Economic Theory, accepted for publication
    - Best paper award at the 2021 Conference of the China Information Economics Society
    - Working Paper, Slides

  2. Designing Dynamic Research Contests
    - with Jean-Michel Benkert
    - American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2020, Vol. 12(4), pp. 270-289
    - Working Paper, AEA Research Highlight

  3. Delegating Performance Evaluation
    - with Shuo Liu and Nick Netzer
    - Theoretical Economics, 2020, Vol. 15(2), pp. 477–509

  4. Inducing Variety: A Theory of Innovation Contests
    - with Armin Schmutzler
    - International Economic Review, 2019, Vol. 60(4), pp. 1757-1780
    - Working Paper

  5. Optimal Search from Multiple Distributions with Infinite Horizon
    - with Jean-Michel Benkert and Georg Nöldeke
    - Economics Letters, 2018, Vol. 164, pp. 15-18
    - Working Paper

  6. The Road not Taken: Competition and the R&D Portfolio
    - RAND Journal of Economics, 2016, Vol. 47(2), pp. 433–460
    - Online Appendix, Working Paper